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Welcome to Show&Tell by Stocktown “The new book club for videos”

  • Stories that matter to us

We want to spread new perspectives about stories that matters to us. That´s why we produce real stage-performances where we engage people to share inspiring youtube videos.

We call it “The new book club for videos”.Welcome to Show & Tell by Stocktown!

Coming Up!

Show&Tell by Stocktown and spoken ord collective Revolution Poetry will hit the road together with Riksteatern and visit the cities Gävle (4/11), Umeå (6/11), Sundsvall (7/11) and Växjö (11/7)



On a mission to spread new ways to share stories. In each of the cities we have invited local creatives and inspiring speakers to come and share their stories on stage.

Revolution Poetry are Nachla Libre, Barakat Ghebrehawariat, Meron Mangasha and Yodit Girmay.

#11 Botkyrka International Book Fair

May 4 2013

  • #11 Botkyrka International Book Fair

The annual Botkyrka International Book Fair in Alby/Stockholm, inviting young guest speakers whom in various ways are active in Fanzingo to share their most inspiring clip.

Guest speakers: Frank Berglund, Emma Käll, Lovisa Käll and Gabriel Lion from Fanzingo.

#10 Tempo Documentary Festival

March 7 2013

  • #10 Tempo Documentary Festival

In collab with the annual Tempo Documentary Festival .An evening where we invite contemporary filmmakers to share videos that inspire and amaze.

Guest speakers: Sara BroosMichael KrotkiewskiMarcus LindeenRojda Sekersöz

#9 Kista KFUM

December 20 2012

  • #9 Kista KFUM

A new initative by Show&Tell to focus on young people’s narratives and experiences – In collab with the youth center KFUM Kista/Stockholm where we’ve supported young people  to create their own Show & Tell.

Many thanks to: Kevin Santibanez Castro, Bana Bisrat Embaye, Christian, Jorge Castro and Dj Daniel who created this evening.

#8 Bistro Barbro

December 6 2012

  • #8 Bistro Barbro

A must-see and must-be-at for all Stockholmers! Featured on stage is an impressive line up of top notch guest speakers bound to wow all.

Guest speakers: Petter Wallenberg (aka House of Wallenberg), Setareh Seydalzadeh, Nachla Vargas Alaeb Photo by: Saga Berlin

#7 Music Docs Malmö

November 7 2012

  • #7 Music Docs Malmö

MusicDocs  screens Swedish films and top notch music artists on rooftops around the world such as Valparaiso, Havana and New York. The last stop was in Malmö.

Guest speakers: Amanda Kernell, Olof Werngren and Maciej Kalymon

#6 Bistro Barbro

October 25 2012

  • #6 Bistro Barbro

Clocking in and kick starting the fall’s first ‘Show & Tell’ – A must-see and must-be-at for all video aficionados out there.

Alexander Salzberger , Vanessa Marko, Julyssa Diaz ,Binyam Berhane, Leiyah Rose Lindén

#5 Bistro Barbro

September 27 2012

  • #5 Bistro Barbro

Big things poppin! We will be hosting a series of ‘Show & Tell’ sessions on every last Thursday of each month, held at Bistro Barbro (Sthlm) the only cinema-bar and bistro.

Guest speakers:Lisa Janbell,Molly Abrahamsen,Thomas Karl, Johan Gunnarsson,Miguel Sida

#4 Show&Tell New York

June 14 2012

  • #4 Show&Tell  New York
  • #4 Show&Tell  New York
  • #4 Show&Tell  New York
  • #4 Show&Tell  New York
  • #4 Show&Tell  New York
  • #4 Show&Tell  New York
  • #4 Show&Tell  New York
  • #4 Show&Tell  New York
  • #4 Show&Tell  New York
  • #4 Show&Tell  New York
  • #4 Show&Tell  New York
  • #4 Show&Tell  New York
  • #4 Show&Tell  New York
  • #4 Show&Tell  New York
  • #4 Show&Tell  New York
  • #4 Show&Tell  New York
  • #4 Show&Tell  New York
  • #4 Show&Tell  New York
  • #4 Show&Tell  New York

Hosted by Music Doc at The Hotel Americano NYC. The most promising rooftop event of the year, Show&Tell invites talented directors, performance by Gnucchi + dj´s.

Guest speakers: Jamel Shabazz, Malin Fezehai, Marguerite Seger, Ruben Sznajderman

#3 Nya Kontoret

April 19 2012

  • #3 Nya Kontoret

At the  Stocktown headquarters , we invitied guests to show and talk about a movie clip that inspire them. Come join us, kick back and hang out together with other fly people who just like you, are – stoked on video culture.

Guest speakers: Göran Olsson, Marika Heidebäck, Apollo, Carl M Sundevall

#2 Pet Sounds

March 8 2012

  • #2  Pet Sounds
  • #2  Pet Sounds
  • #2  Pet Sounds
  • #2  Pet Sounds

In collab with the 13th Tempo Documentary Festival. Be it an an inspiring person, action, movement or expression. it all about culture in motion

Guest speakers: Thomas Gylling, Georg Herlitz, Saga Berlin (aka Niceguzz), Lucien Garin, Nanuschka Yeaman, Tora Mårtens

#1 PREMIER Kulturhuset

June 4 2011

  • #1 PREMIER Kulturhuset

In connection to the video magazine’s launch, Show&Tell made it’s debut at  Kulturhuset with the STOCKTV-exhibition (June 4th -Aug 28th).

Guest speakers: Simon Klose, Oliver Henriquez & Duncan Mukada, Lucas Carlsson, Georg Herlitz Hosted by: Andrea Reuter


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We want to spread new perspectives about stories that matters to us. That´s why we produce real stage-performances where we engage people to share inspiring videos, using You Tube as a tool. We call it “The new book club for videos”. Welcome to Show & Tell by Stocktown!


Show & Tell by Stocktown produces events throughout Sweden and the rest of the world. Each event has a chosen theme where selected speakers from our worldwide network present their favorite clips from YouTube. The speakers have only 8 minutes each where they use half of the time to talk and the other half to show videos.


Stocktown started out in the late 90′s documenting all aspects of street culture from all over the world through documentaries, pirate television and various exhibition projects. In the spring of 2011 we launched our curated video magazine Show & Tell is the event extension of Stocktown´s videomagazine online.

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Gefle Dagbladet 3 Nov 2013
Youtube och Förortpoesi på Gävle Teater

Arbetarbladet Kultur 4 Nov 2013
“en underhållande inblick i nätklippens universum. Jag tror fler än jag blev sugna på att gå hem och klippsurfa.”

Show&Tell by Stocktown in collab with Riksteatern and Revolution Poetry goes on tour to 4 cities around Sweden.

Get in touch

Event Manager Pedro Berlin Fuentes
Mobile: +46 76 230 86 79
Adress Box: Stocktown,box 2305, 103 17 stockholm

Designed by Rob Lowe
Development by Andreas Engelkes


Alexander Salzberger

Actor/comedian /writer/ DJ. Soon to hit the stage at Backa Teatern with his spoken-word monologue “Kicktorsken”.

Andrea Reuter

Was host for  our first Show & Tell premier at Kulturhuset.Film expert, tv-host and moderator who has worked at the Swedish Film Institute (SFI) and hosted the program Filmkrönikan on SVT.

Anton Hultberg Hansen

Freelance journalist and radio producer with a passion for hip hop. Runs the study circle ‘Each one teach one’ which focuses on hip hop culture.


“Activist Voguer” Dj

Binyam Berhane

Director and filmmaker. Graduated from the Documentary Film Programme at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2011 with his short film entitled “Kiipa Papa”.


Carl M Sundevall

Former Concept manager of restaurant  Kåken & Spybar

Duncan Mukada & Oliver Henriquez

Two of Sweden’s most talented directors and filmmakers who go by the name Concrete Steppas. The duo have produced music videos for e.g Veronica Maggio, Petter, Ison and Fille and many more.

Emma Käll

Frank Berglund

Gabriel Lion

Georg Herlitz

Runs the creative agency Kollektivet:Livet, with over a million views on his YouTube channel, Herlitz titled himself as ‘Sweden’s first professional YouTuber’.


Jamel Shabazz

Legendary Street photographer who received international recognition by documenting the ‘Urban Life’ portraying asphalt portraits of sidewalk supermodels for more than 30 years. Author of ‘Back in the Days’,‘The Last Sunday in June’ and ‘A Time Before Crack’.


Julyssa Diaz

Editor of Yam Magazine and expert on the Korean music scene called K-pop.


Leiyah Rose Linden

Video Curator at as well as Music journalist at SR.

Lisa Janbell

Dancer, currently collaborating with the Cuban dancer Somos (‘like us’), She is also a part of  the cumbia group Trio electro mundo.

Lovisa Käll

Lucas Carlsson

Upcoming filmmaker with a passion for documenting and highlighting dance scenes. Lucas has a background as a dancer and currently balances both professions.

Lucien Garin

Filmmaker and creator with roots in Lund and swag bass music.


Malin Fezehai

Swedish/Eritrean photographer/filmmaker, where she studied at the International Center of Photography, praised for her doc ‘Miss July’. Published in magazines worldwide specialising in portraiture and reportage photography.

Marcus Lindeen

Swedish playwright/ director who made his debut with ‘Regretters’ a play/documentary about two Swedish men who change their sex twice. Awarded multiple awards, e.g ‘Best documentary film’ at the Swedish Academy Award (Guldbagge) 2011.

Marguerite Seger

NY-based photographer of Sri Lankan/French descent, born and raised in Sweden known for her intimate portraits, with a remarkable portfolio ranging from documentation, editorial work (Vice Magazine, Lulu) to artist’s portraits (Lykke Li, Erykah Badu).


Marika Heidebäck

Documentary filmmaker / animator

Michael Krotkiewski

Swedish documentary filmmaker based in Stockholm who has directed several short films ‘9 Scenes of Violence’ included,  awarded ‘Best Student Film’ at the Go Short Festival in 2012.

Miguel Sida

Video Curator at Stocktown and founder of Muneca Sistem.

Nanuschka Yeaman

Freelance journalist and music critic at Dagens Nyheter. Recently returned from a research trip to Angola, Kenya and South Africa.


Olof Werngren & Maciej Kalymon

Olof and Maciej are two Malmö-based filmmakers who will present discovered treasures from the internet together.

Rojda Sekersöz

Graduated as a film director from Dramatiska Institutet, (DI) in 2012, and her short film ’Maiden Voyage’ is her final examination work from DI. The movie is planned to air during the summer on SVT (Sweden’s Television).


Ruben Sznajderman

Swedish filmmaker with a portfolio including documentary short films focusing on the urban lifestyle, plus a renowned director of music videos for artists such as Zebra Katz, Adam Tensta and Basutbudet.

Saga Berlin (aka Niceguzz)

Talented photographer, her work has been featured at the VÃ¥rsalongen exhibition at Liljevalchs, and album covers of artists such as Mando Diao, Lilla Namo, Linda Pira and Max Peezay.

Sara Broos

For You Naked (För Dig Naken) is Sara Broos’s highly acclaimed debut feature which received the International Dragon Award for ‘Best Swedish documentary’ at the Gothenburg Film Festival in 2012.

Simon Klose

Director of the critically acclaimed documentary ‘TPB – Away from keyboard’ a film about the people behind The Pirate Bay, and the lawsuit against them. The film was broadcast on SVT spring of 2013.

Thomas Gylling

Thomas was one of the first people in Sweden to highlight short movie clips and to build stories around them to a wider audience and has been doing so in unforgettable television shows such as: Mosquito, Panama and 100 kilo godis.

Thomas Karl Johan Gunnarsson

Thomas runs RMH management together with Babak Azarmi which hosts artists such as Dida, Adam Tensta, besides that, the duo runs a successful instagram profile titled ‘Tags & Throws’ which documents the global bombing scene from around the world, whilst promoting their campaign ‘We Are Sweden’ which includes a collaboration with the fashion brand WeSC.


Tora Mårtens

Award-winning director and documentary filmmaker currently in the buzz for her films Colombianos, Martha and Nikki, For Maria, which also aired on national television during spring 2013.


Vanessa Marko

DJ/ Founder of the production company and artist collective Femtastic.